Start or Get Into Business


Start or Get Into Business


Attain requisite skills required to start a business. This two day course is taught nights and weekends. Once the course is completed a graduate certificate will be mailed to you. Course materials are presented. Please call for current schedule. Areas addressed and agenda is the following:

Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. 

  • Accounting Terminology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up and the Need for Competitive Advantage
  • Family Enterprise
  • Franchising
  • Developing an Effective Business Plan
  • Marketing Research and Product Strategy
  • Promotional and Pricing Strategies
  • Distribution Channels and Global Markets
  • Selecting the Management Team and Managing Human Resources
  • Form of Organization and Legal Issues
  • Selecting the Location and Planning the Facilities
  • Operations Management and Control Systems
  • Evaluating and Managing Financial Performance
  • Financing Requirements, Pro Forma Financial Statements, and Sources of Financing
  • Managing Growing Firms and Exit Strategies
  • Buyout Opportunities
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