Get Into Operations


Get Into Operations


Attain requisite skills required to enter Operations. Course is taught nights and weekends for 3 hours. Once the course is completed a graduate certificate will be mailed to you. Course materials are presented. Please call for current schedule.  Areas addressed and agenda is the following:

Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. 

  • Operations Terminology
  • Operations Concepts
  • Coordinating and completion of administrative tasks
  • Customer support
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Answering phones and interacting with customers
  • Assisting with scheduling work for crews when needed
  • Assisting with bids or proposals as needed
  • Scheduling and planning meetings
  • Ordering and receiving of supplies and materials
  • Coordinate with maintenance or repair professionals for equipment as needed
  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Logistics (Fundamentals)
  • Six Sigma (Fundamentals)
  • OSHA (Fundamentals)
  • Accidents/Incidents assistance
  • Project prioritization
  • Project execution
  • Handling stress and pressure
  • MS Word (Fundamentals)
  • MS Outlook (Fundamentals)
  • Directives



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