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Hand-To-Hand Sales (The Secrets of Negotiation Grandmasters)

Most books are written linear within one subject matter, and though they have important information, what is the true cash value of that knowledge? Today versatility is king, the days of doing one thing for a job is over. Versatility means multiple domains encompassed within a philosophy that builds prosperity for the reader. A book needs to reflect reality, education needs to reflect reality. We have to be jacks of all trades; therefore our books must become the same.

By design this book would have to mitigate demise through economic attrition, expose readers of all sophistication's to everything, quickly, simply and visually with historically validated and scientifically tested information. This book would have to be a Swiss Army Knife for reality, written for the ages and be small, because small books are indicative of carefully crafted thoughts.

Behold, the future of books: Hand-To-Hand Sales (The Secrets of Negotiation Grandmasters)

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