Workforce Enhancement Practice

Businesses require whole employee products, not incompatible or incomplete candidates. Both businesses and people want access to better versions of themselves without going to university for five years and carrying a debt load for the next thirty years. Businesses need access to talented people with business enhancing skill sets.  Both are required for success in inhospitable work environments. To accomplish both these objectives we do four very specific tasks within our workforce enhancement practice.

  • Offer component or new career / trainee level education so people can make lateral or vertical movements to better paying jobs. These content areas are equivalent to two (2) years of best practice operating experience. Students earn two years of best practice operating experience knowledge and a graduate certificate credential upon course completion. 
  • Offer Tier 1 business essential courses that are not taught properly at university however are required for thriving in business operations. These content areas are equivalent to five (5) years of best practice operating experience. Students earn five years of best practice operating experience knowledge and a graduate certificate credential upon course completion.  
  • Offer Leadership level courses so people can get a broader perspective of business operations and be promotion ready within the company pipeline. These courses have prerequisites within tier 1 business essential courses and component level courses. These content areas are equivalent to seven (7) years of best practice operating experience. Students earn 7 years of best practice operating experience knowledge and a graduate certificate credential upon course completion.
  • Offer XO Executive courses so leaders can not only adapt to hostile work environments, but drive them in a direction they wish to go. These content areas are equivalent to fifteen (15) years of best practice operating experience knowledge.

After successful completion of a course, students are given a Enterprise Ready Graduate Certificate Credential detailing what was learned and how many years of operating experience knowledge it is worth for use in employment placement. In business or government contracts, education can and is substituted for experience and visa versa. Education and experience are now portable and inexpensive. Learn what you need to be successful in your given career or task without all of the bad habits.  All courses are facilitated by an Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. Courses and course offerings may be modified or improved at anytime.

Advising Practice

As a stage one service, our Advisors graft and retrofit historically tested organizational longevity vehicles into your business processes. Our goal is to provide better understanding of market conditions within your targeted business Eco-system. Leveraging historical knowledge and scientific theory is important to us, as is removing waste, however measurable results that are repeatable are all we are interested in. A business cannot shrink itself into prosperity, however it can take advantage of implicit cost saving strategies by following our tier one models.

We bring to every assignment a distinguished reputation for independence, confidentiality and objectivity and a demonstrated ability to build trust and to deliver results. New levels of accountability, which come not just from new laws and regulations, but also from higher expectations from a broader stakeholder group, have elevated the need for more effective governance. 

Our approach to working with the organization combines a broad understanding of regulatory and economic conditions with the deep functional and process skills embedded in our knowledge-base. We draw on our skills in people, operations, and process to make organizational change initiatives work.

Extending Orbits Within and Beyond Imperial County

Imperial County is known for only two industries, Government and Agriculture. We are starting new industries within the Valley to not only keep our brightest and build new competitive infrastructure, but to offer jobs that are actually intended for career sustainability and choice. Our stage two service offerings listed below provide expertise in areas that will enable businesses and the Valley to generate the cash flow and grow. We source and train candidates within Imperial County to solve Imperial County problems. We are working with universities located within the region to build a sustainable pipeline of individuals to fulfill Valley growth requirements. There is no reason to outsource business to San Diego or Los Angeles any longer. Service offerings include:

Workforce Enhancement

  • Education and Training Services
  • Curriculum Development

Computer, Telecommunication

  • IT Software, Equipment and Telecommunications Training
  • IT Facility Operation, Maintenance and Help Desk Support
  • IT Systems Development
  • IT Systems Analysis
  • IT Systems Design and Integration
  • IT Programming
  • IT Backup and Security
  • IT Data Conversion
  • IT Database Management
  • IT Software Engineering and Application Development
  • IT Web Development
  • IT Network Management
  • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • Other IT and Telecommunication

Commercial, Industrial, Operational

  • Construction Management Services, Including Permitting
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Automation
  • Sustainable Systems Engineering
  • Lean Six Sigma Project and Systems Engineering
  • Raw Material and Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Scientific Studies, Research and Engineering
  • Supply Chain, Warehousing and Intermodal Product Distribution
  • City, County and State Project Representation


  • Business Advisor (MBA+ | 20 Yrs Exp.)
  • Due Diligence and Market Research, Business Analysis
  • Public Relations, Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Feasibility and Economic Impact Studies
  • Statistics, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Policy and Process Tree Documentation
  • Full Scope Program and Project Management
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement
  • Talent Procurement and Pipeline Management


  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Purchase and Solicitation)
  • Venture Capital Funding (Sourcing Investors)
  • International Trade Brokering
  • Contract Procurement and Acquisition Support Services

Government, Political, Regulatory

  • GSA and Government Contract Procurement
  • Union Abatement, Mitigation and Negotiations
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation
  • Political Intelligence and Policy Lobbying (Business, Organization)

Horizon Two and Three Service Offerings

  • Financial Services
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Energy Production
  • Organic Food Production
  • Multilingual Support
  • Full Suite Online Courses


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