Whole Employee Training | Leadership Operations (Earn 7 Years of Experience + Graduate Certificate Credential Upon Course Completion) >>>Masters Degree Level Courses<<<

Businesses require whole employee products, not incompatible or incomplete candidates. Each of these courses instructs students on do’s and don’ts as well as tactics and strategies that enhance business operations and productivity without destroying employee morale in the pursuit of progress. Businesses often ask for years of experience, however years of experience do not translate into years of productivity or superior skills, it could be just the opposite.   

Leadership level courses offer a broader perspective of business operations and an advanced skill set so that lateral or vertical movements to better paying jobs is possible. These courses have prerequisites within tier 1 business essential courses and component level courses. These content areas are equivalent to seven (7) years of best practice operating experience knowledge. Students earn seven years of best practice operating experience knowledge and a graduate certificate credential upon course completion.

These courses are meant to instruct students on best practices within real world conditions and access to the latest validated methodologies that will elicit results that will generate the growth that both employee and employer are looking for.

Our goal is that when hiring opportunities open graduate students will be offered employment if they meet all the requisite skills required by the hiring company. After successful completion of a course, students are given an Enterprise Ready Graduate Certificate Credential detailing what was learned and how many years of operating experience it is worth for use in employment placement. In business and government contracts education can and is substituted for experience and visa versa. Education and experience are now portable and inexpensive. Learn what you need to be successful in your given career or task without all of the bad habits learned.  All courses are facilitated by an Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. Courses and course offerings may be modified or improved at anytime. There are prerequisites required before taking these courses, see within course.

Times and Location

  • Courses Are Taught At Our Imperial County Offices in El Centro, Ca.
  • Courses Are Taught Daily, Nightly and Weekends.
  • Check Schedule For Updated Times.
  • Certification Is Mailed or Available For Pickup Within One Weeks Time.