Game Changers | Executive Class, XO Courses (Equivalent to 15 Years of Job Experience) >>>Doctorate Level Courses<<<

These courses are specifically designed to provide systematic mental re-engineering of your thought processes. These courses represent the best that we offer and go beyond any course offered by us.  Based entirely on proven scientific theory and backed by 5,000 years of history and 3,500 researched books these courses are beyond anything offered and only taught by Professor Emeritus of Decision Zero, Rob Chell. These courses are taught in a specific order.

  1. Mental Hardening
  2. Engineering Others
  3. Engineered To Win
  4. American Privateers
  5. FastBurn - Coming Soon 

Times and Location

  • Courses Are Taught At Our Imperial County Offices in El Centro, Ca.
  • Courses Are Taught Daily, Nightly and Weekends.
  • Check Schedule For Updated Times.
  • Certification Is Mailed or Available For Pickup Within One Weeks Time.

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