Core Level Training | New Career / Trainee Class Courses. (Earn Two 2 Years of Experience + Graduate Certificate Credential Upon Course Completion) >>>Bachelors Degree Level Courses<<<

How does a waitress that is harassed by a manager with no business experience get into a business related position and away from that bad situation without a bachelor’s degree? What about a production or service worker? What about the person that has 30 years of extensive debt and degree in a subject that has no demand associated with it? They don’t move, they stay where they are, take menial jobs and are marginalized and forgotten about. Business related jobs offer benefits and access to greater opportunity. These courses offer core knowledge to get into those positions.

You do not need a Masters Degree in Astronomy to know what that star is your looking at in the sky; you just need a phone app that will give you the mental short cut knowledge you require and make you an expert in seconds. We offer the same experience for these core positions so people can move vertically into new industries or horizontally within a company to try something else.

This is component or new career / trainee level education so people can make lateral or vertical movements to better paying jobs. These content areas are equivalent to two (2) years of best practice operating experience knowledge. Students earn two years of best practice operating experience knowledge and a graduate certificate credential upon course completion.

After successful completion of a course, students are given an Enterprise Ready Graduate Certificate Credential detailing what was learned and how many years of operating experience it is worth for use in employment placement. In business and government contracts education can and is substituted for experience and visa versa. Education and experience are now portable and inexpensive. Learn what you need to be successful in your given career or task without all of the bad habits learned.  All courses are facilitated by an Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. Courses and course offerings may be modified or improved at anytime.

Times and Location

  •         Courses Are Taught At Our Imperial County Offices in El Centro, Ca.
  •         Courses Are Taught Daily, Nightly and Weekends.
  •         Check Schedule For Updated Times.
  •         Certification Is Mailed or Available For Pickup Within One Weeks Time.
Get Into Human Resources
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Get Into Customer Service
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Get Into Accounting
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Get Into Operations
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Get Into Sales And Marketing
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Start or Get Into Business

Attain requisite skills required to start a business. This two day course is taught nights and weekends. Once the course is completed a graduate certificate will be mailed to you. Course materials are presented. Please call for current schedule. Areas addressed and agenda is the following:

Instructor: 20+ Years Operational Experience| MA, MBA or DBA, PhD | Industry Certification. 

  • Accounting Terminology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up and the Need for Competitive Advantage
  • Family Enterprise
  • Franchising
  • Developing an Effective Business Plan
  • Marketing Research and Product Strategy
  • Promotional and Pricing Strategies
  • Distribution Channels and Global Markets
  • Selecting the Management Team and Managing Human Resources
  • Form of Organization and Legal Issues
  • Selecting the Location and Planning the Facilities
  • Operations Management and Control Systems
  • Evaluating and Managing Financial Performance
  • Financing Requirements, Pro Forma Financial Statements, and Sources of Financing
  • Managing Growing Firms and Exit Strategies
  • Buyout Opportunities
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