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Our Mission

We engineer conditions that naturally create sustainable economic prosperity. Our sense of urgency is due to our ownership of the details and contempt of the status quo. Our product inventions, like our dedication to the growth of our stakeholders will always exceed expectations. Our elegance is in our simplicity and our products will enhance the performance capacity of the human race.

Our Vision

We see a world where any person can navigate easily between careers to meet business opportunities at will or on demand. A highly malleable versatile workforce equates to a fully employed one. In this model, people, business and government all win.

We see Imperial County unemployment reduced from number one in the nation to within the top 10 unemployment hotspots within the entire US by 2022. We are creating a new pivot point in Imperial Counties history.

Imperial County is known for two types of business, government and agriculture, and then there is title of unemployment capital of the United States. We are making the bet we will change that. Our goal is to diversify the valleys holdings, infrastructure and jobs as to not take a beating if a market segment goes extinct or is regulated until it evolves into a maquiladora 25 feet from the US side of the border within Mexico. The diversification of industries offers choice, reduced regulation and higher paying wages. This keeps the best and brightest local while attracting talent from heavily saturated counties that are in a employment down cycle.

Our intention and agenda are very clear, we are closing the gap between services offered and services outsourced out of Imperial County. We do not want local capital yielded to other counties because of lack of expertise, we will offer those services and create local jobs in the process.

We have vested interest in the Imperial Valley thriving for the next century and we are not leaving until we have achieved our objectives. We are disrupting the status quo, You with us?

What We Do

Decision Zero is a business generating, research, advising, and education firm based in Imperial County. Decision Zero’s core objective is to tailor solutions within inhospitable economic climates by developing both workforce and business structures.  If strategies do not work in the most inhospitable conditions, they are useless. When strategies do work in inhospitable conditions, the business becomes highly scalable and can easily migrate to higher bandwidth operations.

There is a gap between education and reality, this gap does not allow organizations to achieve escape velocity and enter an earth orbit away from the day to day volatile market conditions that can bring operations to a halt. Rather than grow beyond their borders, gravity pulls these organizations down and eventually pulls them apart. The gap is the place between academic theory and successful business practice, and as the gap widens, businesses are economically culled disallowing employment and growth opportunities for the resident workforce, thus depressing all market possibilities and creating spill over effects, lost output, exodus, direct, indirect, induced and social impacts, cost shifts including tax and utility, property and economic contractions including trade shifts to other counties, states or countries, etc.

We specialize in creating tailored programs that offer businesses and students access to superior information that is equitable, actionable and extensible. The secret in academia is that no one really knows what they are doing because all organizations are different, have different workforce's within different economic environments which all require on the job customized training. Universities have a product centered approach to teaching rather than an application centric because there is an economic incentive to do so. Decision Zero offers a precision focused application centric approach that is tailored for inhospitable environments making it applicable in markets that are prosperous.

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Our Premise

To engineer economic conditions that allow Imperial County to grow by diversifying service and product offerings. Our intent is to close gaps in technical service offerings that are continuously yielded outside county borders. Existing organizations that are comfortable with the status quo or that aggravate customers with poor product or service offerings will find themselves disrupted. Our horizons two and three goals will back fill opportunity gaps and augment county product and service offerings.

We believe the valleys finest hour is ahead and we are injecting a new calculus that will create both upstream and downstream prosperity for valley residents.

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