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Our Mission

We engineer conditions that naturally create sustainable economic prosperity. Our sense of urgency is due to our ownership of the details and contempt of the status quo. Our product inventions, like our dedication to the growth of our stakeholders will always exceed expectations. Our elegance is in our simplicity and our products will enhance the performance capacity of the human race.


Our Vision

We are closing the gap between services offered and services outsourced out of Imperial County. We do not want local capital yielded to other counties because of lack of expertise; we will offer those services and will create local jobs in the process. We have vested interest in the Imperial Valley thriving for the next century and we are not leaving until we have achieved our objectives. We are disrupting the status quo, You with us?


What We Do

Lab 135 is a IT services, business generating, research, advising, and education firm based in Imperial County. Lab 135's core objective is to tailor solutions within inhospitable economic climates by developing both workforce, business and agribusiness structures.  If strategies do not work in the most inhospitable conditions, they are useless. When strategies do work in inhospitable conditions, the business becomes highly scalable and can easily migrate to higher bandwidth operations.

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Our Premise

To engineer economic conditions that allow Imperial County to grow by diversifying service and product offerings. Our intent is to close gaps in technical service offerings that are continuously yielded outside county borders. Existing organizations that are comfortable with the status quo or that aggravate customers with poor product or service offerings will find themselves disrupted. Our horizons two and three goals will back fill opportunity gaps and augment county product and service offerings.

We believe the valleys finest hour is ahead and we are injecting a new calculus that will create both upstream and downstream prosperity for valley residents.


About The Founder and CEO

Robert Chell lives in Imperial County with his family and is principle business support for Lab 135. Robert (PC or Professor Chell) teaches bachelor and masters degree courses at ground University of Phoenix campuses in Southern California and Arizona. He also teaches elementary school children computer programming and robotics courses. Robert has a Six Sigma Black Belt, a bachelors degree in International Business and Marketing, three MBA's: Strategic Leadership, Quality Management and Negotiation and is completing his PhD in Business and Computer Science. With over 25 years of experience within Business, Sales, IT, Operations and over 4000 books read Robert published a book: Hand-To-Hand Sales, The Secrets of Negotiation Grandmasters, as a consolidated guide to expert practices available onsite and at Amazon.com. For more information, below is a 1 page professional dossier of Robert Chell.

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